A journey back in time – Sumerian civilization

We are in circa 4000 BCE. About 6200 years back in time. Far calmer than today. Business as usual though.

We are located in the fertile plains of Mesopotamia (present day Iraq). A way more greener than today. The crystal water from Euphrates and Tigris have transformed the region into an oasis.

Lacan’s elusive object petit a

Have you ever wondered why we keep chasing happiness and still never find it permanently? Why do our desires never cease and why do we keep running after material possessions? 

French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan had an interesting and mind-bending analysis on this subject.

Let us first understand the key terminology that the theory encapsulates.

Infatuation with Democracy

The situation in HongKong is worsening lately. Coincidentally, it started when the relations between USA and China turned sour due to trade disagreements. The protests not only tarnished the image of HongKong but also resulted in destruction, arson and casualties. The law and order was on its knees.  Even though the bill was withdrawn later, the protests only turned stronger. Perhaps, it had little to do with the extradition treaty.

The hazy window

We had a quick rainfall few days back. It was highly unexpected and quite a deluge honestly. Rainfall isn’t common in Dubai. It hardly rains but when it does, its a magical experience. The sweet fragrance of the soil, the thunder and the dark clouds feel so ecstatic. The rain washes every structure. Every dirty car and sandy skyscraper get its share of wash. All thanks to the rainfall. Roads are cleared of all the sand and they shine like polished boots.

The black shadow of our ego

Ego has been a weapon of survival for our species since the dawn of time. As a matter of fact, it transcends to animals as well. The world is full of predators and preys. The sense of ego or self-esteem gives the brain an additional boost to triumph survival. This sense communicates to our conscience that we are special hence we deserve to keep standing on our feet.

Ego can drive passion, enthusiasm, desire, creativity and at the same time put you in misery, self doubt, make one arrogant, pompous and so forth.

Worked, exhausted and soon to be dead

An Australian study conducted last year found that people who work for more than 39 hours a day are putting their health at risk.

Across USA, Australia, Europe & other countries of the developed world, employees tend to work for about 35 – 40 hours a week at an average.

The numbers are quite a shocker for Asian countries like Japan, Korea, India, China, etc. Here it is very common to work for 60 hours a week. In Japan, they have devised a term “karōshi” which means death caused by overwork.12% of employees in Japan work for over 100 hours of unpaid overtime a month.

Journey of life

In recent years, It has been concluded based on statistics that more people die by committing suicide than wars or natural disasters. As civilized society, we somehow did overcome medieval period of deplorable bloodshed but we found ourselves in another sinister adversity.

The adversity of depression is not natural phenomenon per se. Isn’t it strange that depression has seen this huge growth only in recent times? Technology is a two edge sword. It can help in instant communication but at the same time create anxiety in its absence. It has raised our expectations vis-a-vis with people.

Under a banyan tree

Growing up, I have seen abundance of banyan trees. In-fact my native place was informally known as banyan city owing to its huge reserves of the trees. Banyan tree like other trees do not bear any fruits so on that front, it might not sound as prospective as a mango tree for instance. However, banyan trees are huge in size and they can provide lots of shade underneath it.

Precious water

Recently Cape town came in to limelight for being the first city close to run out of water. The government put regulations in place in the month of February to force 50 liters supply per person in order to salvage the situation. However, with the current crisis and severe drought since last couple of years, situation will only become worse henceforth.