Journey of life

In recent years, It has been concluded based on statistics that more people die by committing suicide than wars or natural disasters. As civilized society, we somehow did overcome medieval period of deplorable bloodshed but we found ourselves in another sinister adversity.


The adversity of depression is not natural phenomenon per se. Isn’t it strange that depression has seen this huge growth only in recent times? Technology is a two edge sword. It can help in instant communication but at the same time create anxiety in its absence. It has raised our expectations vis-a-vis with people.

Life as we know it, can only happen once to us. When we are dead, we are dead and gone. Everyone will die whether a rich or pauper. Even the life span does not necessarily get influenced with fortune and fame. One can die young in a palace and a homeless who cannot manage 2 square meals a day may outlive. Such is the beauty of life. It is bound with unprecedented randomness.


Life does not come with any expiry period like the bottle of milk on the grocery shelf thankfully. We do not know for sure how long we will be here alive so its pretty normal and in fact natural to fail. To fail in academia, business, job, relationships and everything else. Laws of nature work similarly. Everything that goes up, comes down. Every action has an opposite reaction of equal measure.

Think of life as a game of football. There are spectators, there are management teams, event coordinators, cameramen, staff and of course the actual teams playing against each other.


Each and everybody has a special role to play. There cannot be game without spectators. The playing teams will not be able to play well if their coach and other staff did not help in their training. Spectators will not be able to sit on the chair if the cleaning janitors of the stadium did not fix it.


Moreover, within the team itself, there are different roles to play. Some will play attack where as some will play defense. Generally, fame is acquired by those who are playing attack and who actually score goals but will the game play work efficiently if everyone only plays attack? It will most definitely not.


Similarly everyone in our world has a role to play in the activity of life. Nothing is superior or inferior. Discrimination is state of mind created through systematic propagation of ideas by the powerful. Someone’s else success or failure has absolutely no consequence to me or my pursuit towards life.

Therefore, the feeling of insecurity is unjustified and irrational as well. For example if i have a peer who is competing with me directly for the position of manager and out of my insecurity to strengthen my odds i somehow create situation which oust him. It still does not accomplish anything. Someone else will replace him and the machinery of society will keep moving forward. The ousted peer may find something way better than my promotion. After all, life and destiny work in mysterious way. I rest my case.

We all have our own hustles in life. We all grapple with unexpected things thrown to us however, nothing waits or stops. We as individual are too small in the greater scheme of things. Nobody really care about your sob stories and everyone has one. Now, think from a bigger perspective. We inhabit earth which is like a small boat in the extraordinarily vast ocean of universe with billions and billions of such boats. Each so far that we may never reach them ever.

Even if we as society annihilate ourselves in a massive nuclear war, our nearest star i.e. sun will not skip a beat and there are 100 billion such “sun” in our galaxy milky way which by the way is 1 amongst 400 billion galaxies in the observable universe.


Our collective impact is less than the bacteria crawling on your skin while you are reading this and yes there are an estimated 100 trillion such bacteria feasting in and on the body.

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