The hazy window

We had a quick rainfall few days back. It was highly unexpected and quite a deluge honestly. Rainfall isn’t common in Dubai. It hardly rains but when it does, its a magical experience. The sweet fragrance of the soil, the thunder and the dark clouds feel so ecstatic. The rain washes every structure. Every dirty car and sandy skyscraper get its share of wash. All thanks to the rainfall. Roads are cleared of all the sand and they shine like polished boots.


Windows turn fuzzy. When I look outside I only see a partial perspective of what is outside. Rest I use my imagination to build up what is missing. Vision is all powerful. It gives us a sensory advantage but it is limiting at the same time. When I look outside the hazy window, I use my imagination to form the picture of the outside landscape.


The picture perhaps look better as I add my positive sense to it. Now think of a blind looking outside the window. For him / her, its all imagination based on the sense of sound. The picture that a blind can draw in his / her mind would be a way more beautiful than what I can ever see and imagine.


I wonder how a blind and deaf person would perceive rainfall. S/he would form the picture merely based on the waft of cold breeze and the aroma of soil. There would be so much more to envision.

Life works same way. Sometimes, it is better to stay foolish. Be ignorant. This way you can dip your toe in the pool of infinite possibilities. The possibilities to imagine life through the prism of the unknown. This way you are devoid of the nitty gritty details. The more you know, the less spiritual you become. The loss of spirituality makes us skeptical and pessimistic. Just think about it. If someone presented a picture of how heaven looks like or how god looks like, would the faith ever stand as strong as it can today?

Yesterday I noticed an infant curiously starring at me in the elevator. His eyes were wide open. What the child must be thinking? I would never know and perhaps i never should. However, I know for sure that the infant would never form any judgement based on his observation. For that, he has to acquire knowledge.

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