Under a banyan tree

Growing up, I have seen abundance of banyan trees. In-fact my native place was informally known as banyan city owing to its huge reserves of the trees. Banyan tree like other trees do not bear any fruits so on that front, it might not sound as prospective as a mango tree for instance. However, banyan trees are huge in size and they can provide lots of shade underneath it.


“banyan” is derived from “banya” which means a merchant in Gujarati. The tree used to shelter merchants who traded goods back in the day under the tree and it began to be known by that name later in colonial India.


The tree have a rough texture and sprawling roots and they stand the test of time. They can easily outlive a normal human being by 3 times. When i look at such big trees, i instantly wonder how the state of my city would be when these trees were just plants? May be there were no roads or buildings at that time. Not much population either. There is so much of hustle and bustle now.

Banyan tree is a friend in despair. At times when things are not going right, when sadness engulfs for a reason or another, Banyan tree is a best companion. Sitting underneath a banyan tree elevates me to a different world. It feels so serene and peaceful. Its like therapy session. Almost psychedelic.

The tree provides generous shade to protect from hot sun, cold breeze beneath to comfort, incredible fragrance that captivates the sense and the melody of chirping birds.


Parts of the trees help in treating diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, diabetes and many more.

In this era where surviving without a mobile phone is deemed impossible, it feels magical to abstain for a while and just observe nature, people and everything else while sitting under the tree.


Time change, hobbies change, people change but somethings are so integral part of your being that will never change. Sitting under a banyan tree is a perfect example of little joys of life.


  1. My ancestors had their origin as a community of 10 families living in a longhouse under a huge Banyan tree. I am writing a book about them. I would like to use a picture of a banyan tree from your collection. I am writing to ask for your permission. Credit will be given.

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  2. Beautiful picture of the banyan tree–thanks!

    Can I have permission to use the image of banyan tree in a book that I am writing, please?

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