Cant resist chocolates & ice creams?

There are certain food items that are irresistible in many ways. Most of us would pursue to buy an ice cream or a chocolate when we see one in store.

It is like having a kind of consciousness within us that urge you to grab it. That part of your consciousness will drive your behaviour by self assuring excuses.


For example, When i look at an ice cream, I instantly feel like having it. I try to reason that voice within by telling myself that i don’t need to have it as i had 1 yesterday. However, that voice kind of gets hijacked by another which tells me i should get it as i work hard so deserve incentive or life is short, who knows tomorrow i will be alive or not so better eat ice cream today!

From a biological standpoint, Whenever you see ice creams, candies, chocolates and the gamut of sugary products, shots of chemical substance called dopamine are released by brain. Dopamine stimulates pleasure or short term gratification. It is same chemical that stimulates pleasure in sex or drugs.


In economics, marginal utility diminishes when you consume a product or service repeatedly. Dopamine on the other hand does not work merely on consumption. As a matter of fact, even if you purchase an ice cream, you will feel contented because a shot of dopamine will release in your brain. It is a sort of guilty pleasure.

New advancement in biology have revealed a radical different perspective to this idea. It is very much possible that there are some microbes in your gut that can send signals to your brain in terms of what you should eat.


For example, If you keep eating burgers and not fruits, the microbe produced bacteria that process fruits in your stomach will reduce and would be overwhelmed by the bacteria that process burgers. In such case whenever you see burgers in a store, Microbes in your stomach will send signal to your brain to feed burgers!!

Next time when you see your favourite delicacy, think rationally and you might end up killing your urge.

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