Supermarkets – The art of deception

Dubai is full of supermarkets and so is any other metro city in the world. There are about 5 supermarkets in radius of 100 meters alone!

No body wants to go to small grocery stores anymore. These supermarkets have big billboards with neon lights and large transparent glass doors to entice you moment you pass by.


The moment you get inside, there is no coming out of it empty handed. First thing you see are large trolleys. Our impulsive feeling is to grab it. Don’t do it! If you take that, you will be further motivated to fill it by adding things you don’t need to your cart.


Once you get past the trolley section, Boy, you would see a wonderland. Racks & racks of stuff cleverly positioned to induce you. Adding to that, companies are spending more money on packaging than on actual products to further exploit your brain trap.


You will see glossy products, amazingly designed from chips to cookies. There is no going back now, simply immerse yourself. You are officially alice in the wonderland. Let us add some chocolates & cookies in the trolley.


The lighting is amazing and so is the music. Vegetables look fresh, green and scrumptious, The aroma of bakery breads, pastries, cake slices and so much more. You keep loading your cart more and more.

Then, you see juices section, 1 juice bottle won’t move you, so they have shelf full of different coloured bottles, the entire colour palette so obviously you got to take few of these along with you.


Next is frozen food section, french fries, sausages, salamis, pizzas, burgers, frozen vegetables and the list goes on. Lets load few of these in our cart.


Hey, you already have loaded infinite vegetables before so when will you eat these frozen foods? Sadly this thought will come to you once you reach home 😉

Next you see fruits section. All fruits look so fresh straight from the farm. You have fruits imported from different parts of the world. Looks yummy. Lets shove in our cart.


Let me get eggs, almost forgot about it. Wow, there is a 2% discount if i buy 4 crate of eggs. What a deal! i’ll save plenty.


Those ice creams look so delicious and they came up with new flavours as well. Ought to try that out.


Blistering barnacles! I almost forgot, I came to supermarket because my tooth paste was over. Let me get that fat tooth paste quick which has salt in it and cost a fortune.


Alright thats it i guess, Lets check out. Cashier: “Sir, if you pay by credit cards, you will get points”. Of course, i will. Paid & my bank balance intact.

Next day during evening stroll, oh god i forgot to get toilet cleaner. Let me go to supermarket…

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