These songs will give you goosebumps

Like most, I am really fond of listening to music especially on my way to work and back. House, prog. rock & EDM are genres i listen the most. However, i do like to listen to those timeless classics from time to time as well. Below are few songs that i play regularly:

1) Closer – Kings of leon

This song is my top pick. It is 1 of those underdogs that never got its due recognition. The song enthralls and take you to a different world.

2) Summer 97 – Griz ft muzzy bear

This one is a gem of a mix. Starting with Matthew Mcconaughey’s epic dialogue from the movie “Dazed & confused”, it turns on to an impressive ensamble of instruments and keeps you hooked

3) Wait – M83

Wow, I have no words to describe this phenomenal piece. M83 have always been on top of their game with trance cum electronic music. This 1 will definately give you goosebumps. The sheer intensity of the pitch and the video production is just mindblowing. Its a must watch.

4) I dont mind – Anagramma

The beats of this song are just spectacular. This song is like paragon of house music. You just cant get over this.

5) Summer love – DEAMN

Another jewel in the house music crown. Amazing beats and compilation.

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