Robots will take over…

Many times over in movies we have seen a robot chasing a protagonist to kill, only to be shut by a door at the last moment giving chills and relief to the audience. Not anymore!

Boston dynamics yesterday published video of a dog like robot capable to open doors. Moreover, the way it locates the door knob and aims for it looks surreal.

We all were surprised last november when the “Atlas” robot from them demonstrated something never seen in history of time. Robot capable of doing a perfect backflip. Atlas has shown remarkable agility with human like qualities.

Our massive progress in engineering combined with that in AI (Artificial Intelligence) would create humanoids that would be physically much more stronger and intellectually a way lot more smarter than humans. Perhaps, the next species to be endangered would be humans themselves.

Below is a creepy video of Sophia robot by Hanson Robotics. She featured on Jimmy Fallon. Not only she defeated him in the game of rock, paper & scissors, but also joked about the plan to dominate the human race.

From all we know, “Terminator” movie might end up as a work of God for future generations.

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