The glory of Alauddin Khalji

If not for Alauddin Khalji, the total population of Indian subcontinent would 1/10 nth of the current.

Khilji dynasty founded by Jalaluddin Firuz Khalji ruled large parts of Indian subcontinent between 1290 and 1320 AD. Alauddin Khalji ascended the throne of Delhi in 1296 AD after the death of his uncle. He had exemplary experience in administrative field. He had served as Governor of Kara and Oudh during his predecessor’s rule.

He used to look like below and not like the ripped version of Khal Drogo as depicted in the movie.

He was a glorious warrior and strategist who defended the kingdom against the barbaric Mongol warriors who had massacred and plundered large parts of middle east, Asia and Europe.

He commissioned repair of old forts, constructed several new forts and put in charge troops to guard them. He trained his army diligently and provisioned them with state of the art armoury. He even setup factories to create armaments to strengthen defence.

He not only managed to successfully keep Mongol’s at bay but in-fact also attacked and defeated them on the north west frontier of Kabul & Kandahar.

His administrative skills were shrewd and astute. He used to receive regular feedback from guised informers about how people in the kingdom feel about his governance and formulated his polices for the welfare of the people. He managed to cease the internal conflicts & fights within the kingdom and maintained peace and order.

He was the first to implement the concept of Maximum Retail Price(MRP) in the 13nth century. The prices of commodities were fixed and regulated thereby increasing the efficiency of operation and distribution channels.

He implemented a centralized tax system, cancelled revenue collection through local jagirdars and therefore reduced corruption. His tax system had long term influence on Indian taxation system.

He was a patron of art and had keen interest in architecture & poetry. He built several landmarks, gardens, schools, inns and in-fact even summoned for a new town to be built near Delhi. Various poets like Amir Khasru flourished. Art & literature in general flourished.

Like every medieval ruler or king, he waged wars and conquest resulting in loss of many lives but it cannot erase his accomplishments or his profound administration & statesmanship.

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