Humans – The most destructive species

There were close to 17,460 white rhinoceros in 2007. Today, only 1 northern white rhinoceros is left today in 2017. The last male of his species counting his final days in Sudan Zoo.


Our greed for rhino horn has led to this. Its a systematic extinction cleverly engineered by us. We are the smartest, strongest species and we are taking undue advantage of our prowess.

The black rhino that had a total population of around 1 million in the beginning of 20th century are already extinct. In last decade we have not observed a single black rhino.


Between 1960 – 1995, around 98% of black rhino population were poached for their horns mainly after Mao Zedong, Chinese communist revolutionary, advocated the usage of rhino horn powder as a cure for debilitating diseases like cancer.

According to estimates, 150 – 200 species of plants, animals and birds become extinct every 24 hours because of humans directly or indirectly(global warming, deforestation,etc).

Few extinct species

It is estimated that 30 – 50% of all species will go extinct by 2050.

If this does not stop, the balance of nature will be restored 1 day and we will move back to the caves or cease to exist.

Humans destroy plants
Humans destroy ecology
Humans destroy climate
Humans pollute oceans
Humans kill animals
Humans kill birds

and most importantly

Humans kill humans…

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