Genesis of Life

In my last post i described about how our universe came into existence.

After earth was formed, it was too hot to host any form of life. It cooled off over millions of years.


The gas clouds consisting of hydrogen and water vapor began to settle.

Single cell organisms came to life because of conducive environment


Scientists have found biogenic substance in graphite to be approximately 3.7 billion years old so based on estimates life was formed on earth during the same time period. About 1 billion years after its creation.

The earliest single cell organism were cyanobacteria which had a magical ability to derive energy via carbon dioxide in air. Earth had enough of carbon dioxide and water at that time but there was no oxygen in the air to form complex form of life.


Incidentally, the mutation of cyanobacteria is found in our plantations today which give them ability to do photosynthesis

Cyanobacteria had a perfect setting, atmosphere full of carbon dioxide. No wonder they multiplied in epic proportions accelerating oxygen levels to very high levels, higher then what we have today.

There was a radical change in the weather and earth from being a boiling pot had now turned into ice. This was the time when we had our first ice age which nearly caused extinction for many single cellular life forms.


At single cell granular level, single cell organism can gobble another type of single cell organism. That organism will thrive inside the single cell organism and in fact multiply ultimately making it multicellular. This ofcourse happened across millions of years.


single to multi cell was a giant step in the evolution process and there was no looking back. Complex form of life evolved firstly in water and then on land ultimately coming back to us as humans.


We owe our existence to about 3.5 years of evolution and mutations. It was a painstaking process but boy look where we have reached!

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