Bloodshed & beyond…

War in Yemen

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13,700 people died due to war in Yemen
50,000 children died of starvation in 2017 alone
17 million people are affected due to the famine caused by the blockade of supplies inside Yemen
3.3 million people are suffering from acute form of malnutrition
612,703 cases of Cholera has been confirmed due to the devastation of sewage and sanitary system in the war. The estimated number of Cholera cases are as high as 1 million people in last 1 year alone.
2.5 million people have been displaced because of the bombing and destruction


United Kingdom (UK) exported weapons worth 6.3 billion dollars (USD) in last 2 years to resolve this crisis
The weapon exports by USA just for last year (2017) to resolve Yemen crisis amounted to 650 million dollars (USD)

Syrian War

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400,000 people have died due to the war including about 20,000 children and 12,000 women.

USA led coalition airstrikes killed around 11,000 people and Russian airstrikes killed around 16,000 people.

Iraq War

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655,000 people have died in the war
2.8 million people have been displaced

USA spent 1.7 trillion dollars (USD) on the war (5000 USD every second)
USA’s revenue from Iraqi oil was 5 billion USD during the start of the war (2003). By the time war ended (2011), the revenue from Iraqi oil rose to 85 billion USD

Afghanistan War

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Around 360,000 people lost their lives due to the war directly / indirectly.

USA spent nearly 2 trillion dollars (USD) for the entire war operations including spending on the veterans care and interest on debt.

The sales of weapons by United States of America (USA) increased to a record high 30 billion dollars (USD) to MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region last year and around 60 billion USD globally.

What will we collectively achieve out of all this? Make some extra money? oil? propagate a religion? establish authority and power?

Reminds me of Carl Sagan’s “pale blue dot”. Reminds me how small we are in greater scheme of things.

Earth as seen from Voyager 1


Hope for a better future

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