We are all Equal.(period)

All human beings have almost identical genes. My genes would have around 99.9% match to genes of my friend who helps me with cleaning my car or Elon Musk for that matter. No matter you have different color, creed, belong to different religion, have a different orientation or any other difference that you can spot with your eyes. It does not translate in difference of your core building blocks (DNA).


Even if you consider the matter that physically builds up your body that also is almost same in all human beings. We all are made up of stardust. The elements, which were forged inside a star like sun. Not even an ounce comes from anywhere other than that.


Thinking about any other person as inferior is insult to the field of science. Our human mind has been conditioned to believe in the concept of class segregation since time immemorial.

Early human beings were subjected to high levels of danger from predators. Humans in groups used to delegate responsibilities to better increase their survival chances. Therefore, lets say out of group of 10 people, 2 people will guard the cave during night and 2 during the day so rest 8 can sleep and involve in other activities. 2 of them will go to hunt for food, 2 will be involved in ensuring safety of kids and so forth.


When we started cooperating in larger groups, In order to survive from the conquest of another group / kingdom. We had to better manage human resources. Thus, we had classes of warriors who will guard the kingdom. Cooks who shall make food for the kingdom. Blade smith would handle production of weapons, Council will plan strategies and so on.

The oldest piece of laws that we have uncovered, deciphered are from Babylonian civilization. The Hammurabi code seems to have dated back around 1764 BC. It has been inscribed on a stone and contains common punishments for breaking laws.


The laws apply differently in terms of social stature. There is clear division of classes. For example if a person strikes another person with higher social stature he would be flogged in public with 60 strikes of a whip. Eye for an eye punishment will be applicable if both are of same stature but if a socially elite member blinds a commoner, than s/he just have to pay 1 pound of silver.

Since then, We have come a long way but the principles of inequality has been reinforced stronger and stronger. Today in 21st century we hold belief to treat fellow humans from other country, religion, complexion, culture, etc. differently.


A person is poor not by genetics but because of so called capital society we have established. Being poor is circumstantial and biologically inconsequential, however the implications in our society are far severe. Our planet earth has abundant resources to provide every human being. Only, if we stop hoarding for our kin and ourselves.


May better sense prevail…


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